YouTubery: A Tool to Automatically Download and Convert YouTube Videos to Avi, Mpeg, Mp3, or Burn Them to DVDs

As far as I know, YouTube has blocked the get_video web service. If they release another public web service to download flv's, I or anyone else can extend the library described here by adding an IResolver provider. But for now, it seems this library will not work for downloading YouTube videos. Apologies.

 In my recent two posts, I talked about downloading YouTube videos using C#, and converting audio, video to any imaginable format using FFMpeg. Hopefully not surprising is the fact that these two tutorials can be combined to form a fairly useful tool.

I know I often wished that I could download YouTube videos so that I could watch them offline or listen to them in mp3 form. The application attached at the bottom of this article lets you do just that. You can input a list of YouTube urls and the app will download them, and convert them to any format you specify including avi, mpeg, mp3, wave, etc. After you are done downloading, you can click Burn DVD and the program will automatically import all the downloaded content into Windows DVD Maker for burning.

The app uses WPF for a simple UI, and DownloadManager and ConversionManager libraries (from my previous two articles) for the downloading and converting respectively. It allows for any number of concurrent downloads and conversions to happen.

Using these two libraries to create this app couldn’t be simpler. It’s as simple as creating these two managers and subscribing to started, progressed, finished events. The main window just features a table of “download row” controls, a browse control for the output path, and a textbox for the output format.

I am attaching the source code as well so anyone interested can see an easy example of using my download, converting libraries. I hope you find use in the app, and as always, report any problems to me below. Thanks! (3,50 mb)

YouTubery source (188,25 kb)