All In One Blog Engine Posts Widget With Image Support

Recent post or Random post widgets are very common widgets in blog engine and every one place these widgets on their blogs. Unfortunately the default blog engine post widget only support post title and meta data only and recent posts. For every other setting one need to find different widgets and finally it becomes a long installation.

We have created a new blog engine All-In-One post widget which has every possible options to generate recent post, random posts, most rated posts and most commented posts with supports of display images, description, title and metadata in very compact form.

It provides easy customization and provide functionality to end users to customize it as per their own wish and no need to find other post widgets. User can show or hide every possible property and set images height and width too. Below are four awesome examples of All-In-One Post widget:

1. Recent Posts With Images and Meta data

Blog Engine Recent Posts Widget Wall

2. Random Posts With Images and Description

Blog Engine Random Posts Widget Wall

3. Most Rated Posts With Ratings

Blog Engine Most Rated Posts Widget Wall

4. Most Commented Posts With Images and Comments

Blog Engine Most Commented Posts Widget Wall

How to set different post widget using only one All-In-One post widget:

First install the All-In-One Post widget using the instruction at the bottom of the post. After installation All-In-Post widget will start appearing in widget list.

All in one post widget select blog engine wall

Add All-In-One post widget on the blog and select edit setting to change the widget type, preferences and other settings.

blog engine all in one posts widget settings wall

And you are done here just choose your wish widget and settings and all set.

How to install All-In-Posts widget to BlogEngine.Net:

1. Download the widget (8,46 kb) and extract files.

2. Copy “others” folder which include PostViewSubBase.cs file into your App_Code folder.

3. Copy “AllInOnePosts” folder to widget folder as per the below screenshot.

All in one post widget installation folder list blog engine wall

Please let me know if you feel any issue while following the above steps. Meanwhile you can subscribe to BlogEngineWall, join us on Facebook or follow us on twitter to keep yourself updated with latest news.